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If you're a cinema lover and you like to watch movies often but find it difficult to find high quality files online, CouchPotato is a tool that will find any movie for you with the best possible quality. It's as simple as typing the name of the movie you want to watch and choosing one you want from a long list of results.

The advantage of using CouchPotato is that it downloads through Usenet, which lets you access the movie as soon as it's available. If it hasn't been released for sale yet, the application will scour the internet, searching for the first link that is put online. Even if you don't find a result, don't worry. You won't have to search again in the future; the program will do it for you automatically. Every time you use the tool, it will automatically open in your browser and since it doesn't require installation, it won't take up any additional space on your hard drive.

Whether you want to create a long download list or download only one movie, you only have to write the name in the search bar and wait for the results to load. Once you have the movie in front of you, choose the quality and click the option to add it. If the file is available, it will automatically start, and if it has new uploads, you'll find the best version available, although CouchPotato gives you the option to watch lower resolution files if you prefer.

In the settings menu, you can change the search interval, which is set to every 24 hours by default, or even set a list of words to exclude or include. This last function allows you to specify what elements you're looking for and which ones you want to ignore, such as films in foreign languages, original subtitles, high-quality files, or other details that you want to filter possible results by. CouchPotato helps to ensure that you always have the latest movies as soon as they're available online.
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